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The Advantages of Buying Second-Hand MRI Equipment

by | Jun 21, 2021 | MRI

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your MRI equipment, but you’re worried your budget won’t accommodate the purchase, you may want to consider buying second-hand equipment instead. Although some people scoff at using other people’s machines, well-educated buyers recognize the value in giving the equipment a second chance, especially when they’re still perfectly usable. 

Once you’ve done enough research and tuned out the stigma of buying used equipment, you can find a diamond in the rough that will perfectly suit your facility’s needs without breaking the bank. Here are the advantages of buying used MRI equipment: 

  • Tax Incentives

The biggest benefit of buying used MRI parts or equipment is the savings it will give you, as they’re significantly cheaper than buying brand new systems. However, you’ll achieve further savings by taking advantage of the tax incentives you’ll receive. The Internal Revenue Code states in Section 179 that you can fully deduct the cost of recently purchased assets in the first year, allowing you to deduct up to $1,040,000 of the total equipment’s value in 2020. With this advantage, you can save even more money than you expected. 

  • Potential Depreciation Deduction

Another benefit of purchasing used equipment is that you can potentially enjoy savings from depreciation deduction. It’s important to note that not all equipment purchases will be eligible for tax incentives, but almost any business equipment can allow you to receive tax savings through depreciation deductions. Buying a second-hand MRI system for your facility certainly makes you eligible, but purchasing it for resale does not. 

  • Owning an MRI Machine

The most notable advantage of purchasing MRI equipment is that you’ll finally get to own a system that you can use to serve your patients better and expand your offerings, making it a significant business investment. Even though it belonged to someone else at first, it doesn’t mean it can’t perform well and fulfill your needs, especially if it’s only a few years old. MRI systems don’t go obsolete as quickly as office furniture or equipment, either, which means you can enjoy this purchase for many more years. 

  • Access to Refurbished Siemens Scanners

Second-hand equipment doesn’t always mean you’ll purchase it straight from the previous owner. You can also buy refurbished scanners, like those from Siemens, which still perform exceptionally. These scanners bring excellent image quality, efficiency, speed, and patient comfort, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a brand new system at a lower price. They also come in 0.3T to 3T, allowing you to select the field strength that best suits your patient load and scanning needs. As each scanner is carefully built and designed to suit the requirements of various hospitals and medical institutions, you’ll definitely find something that works well with your facility.



The secondary market hosts many amazing deals on equipment, even though the stigma may have led you to think otherwise. However, used equipment is an entirely viable alternative that can offer you the same performance and benefits of brand new equipment at half the price, especially if you know where to look. With these advantages, second-hand MRI parts or equipment can help you generate more revenue, serve more clients, and help your facility grow.

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